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How We PAT Test?

How We PAT Test?

How We PAT Test?

At PatPals, PAT Testing is not simply a case of sticking a label onto a plug. Our PAT Testing is performed to the highest industry standards, using the most sophisticated PAT Testing equipment.

While our smaller competitors aim to maximise on profits by reducing standards, we will never compromise on our quality as PAT Testing is all about safety. We want your employees to be safe, and your company to be protected by the law and the insurance that you pay for. See: Why PAT Test?

PAT Testing

All of our PAT Testing is performed to the highest industry standards and we adhere to the following testing procedure:
  • Formal Detailed Visual Inspection. Includes Checks for:
    1. Correct Installation (Including: Setup, Voltage, Frequency, Ventilation)
    2. Environmental Damage / Interruption
    3. Ease of Powering Down in Emergency
    4. User Feedback / Concerns
    5. Physical Damage (Unit and Power Components)
    6. Mains Plug (Correct Fit, Damage, Over-Heating, Internal Connections, Fuse Rating and Type)
    7. Main Cord (Damage, Cuts, Fraying, Length, Rating)
  • Diagnostics Tests, which can include:
    1. Earth Continuity Test
    2. Insulation Resistance Test
    3. Substitute Leakage Measurement Test
    4. Dielectric Strength Test
    5. Pre-Load Check
    6. Load Test
    7. Protective Conductor Test
  • Correct Labelling of Item (Test Date, Pass/Fail, Item ID, Next Test Date)

PAT Test Labelling

An important part of Portable Appliance Testing is labelling the appliances with the current safety status and retest dates ensuring users are aware of when the item is due to be tested again for electrical safety. We use a test & tag labelling system which not only produces all of the above but also includes an asset barcode.

Asset Tracking and Asset Register

We Asset track all tested items, and every item will be provided with an Asset Tracking Barcode Label in addition to the PAT Testing Label. We provide all clients with a comprehensive asset register which details:
  • Appliance ID
  • Item Description
  • Item Make
  • Item Model
  • Item Serial
  • Asset Barcode Number
  • Last Test Date
  • Due Test Date
  • Last Visual Inspection
All Asset Registers are provided in PDF format.

Item Test Certificates

For companies that require certificates for individual items, these can be provided when required. Most businesses require only the PAT Testing label and asset register; but we are more than happy to provide you with a full A4 Certificate of PAT Testing for each and every item that we have passed.

Reporting and Data

Every client of PatPals will have a Client Account within our website. Within your client account you will be able to download all documentation including:
  • Asset Register
  • Item Test A4 Certificates (if Required)
  • Invoices and Paperwork

Frequency of testing

The frequency of testing depends on the location of the appliance and type of appliance. The frequency of Combined Inspection & PAT Testing can vary from between every 3 to 48 months.

3 month testing would apply to most appliances used on construction sites, but every 48 months for stationary equipment in an office. We will work with you to create an agreeable schedule for your business and the individual items.

PAT Testing Summary

PAT Testing is a recognised method of proving your compliance with the statutory requirements, for both legal channels and most insurance companies. By PAT Testing you are taking reasonable action to prevent damage and injury caused by faulty equipment.

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